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    The Sun Bug was little more than a marketing exercise, with gold paintwork and a revised interior incorporating cord inserts in the seats. The gear lever knob was new, with a VW logo surrounded by a sun design, while a badge in the shape of a cartoon-like insect (a Sun Bug, no less) was fitted to the engine lid in place of the 'Volkswagen' script that was featured at this time. Although the end result was undoubtedly attractive, it was sad that VW felt the need to resort to these tactics to rekindle interest in such a historic car.











1976 - 1980






    Designated the S739 option, this was a cabriolet with white paintwork, a white hood and white upholstery. The combination was undoubtedly attractive, and 'Triple Whites' have become highly sought after in recent years. The biggest drawback, as might be expected, is that both the interior and hood material tend to get dirty, resulting in a somewhat shabby overall appearance if the car has not been well cared for. As well as the all-white upholstery material, the S739 option included an imitation wood grain insert in the dashboard.















    This cabriolet was also white, but came with a sand-coloured hood, a gold stripe along the lower body and a white vinyl interior. Sports wheels and whitewall tyres completed the look. However, for 1977 there were no other major external modifications to the range, unless a change in the colour of the beading on the hood bag could be considered major.











1978 - 1979




    It was a case of 'more of the same' for 1978, as the cabriolet received no further attention except for another special edition, the 'Champagne II', which, as the name suggests, was fairly much a revision of the old Champagne Edition. These Champagne II cabriolets were very attractive, with Ancona Blue Metallic and Red Metallic paintwork being offered, together with all-white interiors and sand-coloured hoods. The Beetle cabriolet was becoming a very showy motor car indeed!














1979 - 1980




    This swansong model was an all-black cabriolet which was meant to resemble the very first Beetle cabrio built back in 1938. The Epilog (sometimes referred to as the 'Triple Black') became a sought-after vehicle, with each dealer receiving only one example. In Europe, the 'Triple Black' model has become much prized. However, aside from this very limited edition, the regular cabriolet was still available, US specification examples by now featuring all the features which had been seen on the old Champagne models. It was as Volkswagen knew the cabrio's days were numbered and was determined the model should go out with a bang.